26 november, 2021

Let's talk about Dr. Wong’s signature treatment: Profile Balancing!

Author: Yamila Bollen

Let’s talk about Dr. Wong’s signature treatment: Profile Balancing!

It is often said that beauty is symmetry. There have even been scientific studies that say that symmetry is indeed part of an aesthetic face. You have probably heard of the so-called golden ratio, a mathematical method that could calculate beauty: symmetry is also a big part of this.

We can thus say that symmetry is an ideal of beauty. And that is exactly the crux: there are very few faces that are completely symmetrical. It is an ideal that is quite difficult to achieve. What can be achieved is creating more balance in the face, which is a step towards this beauty ideal. The treatment that achieves this is profile balancing. Profile balancing can be done with the help of plastic surgery, but a cosmetic doctor is also able to achieve this non-surgically. A cosmetic doctor mainly uses fillers to harmonize the proportions between, among other things, the nose, lips, and chin. The focus is particularly on the profile of the face, so the side view, but also the front view.

The ratios between the nose, lips, and chin have a major effect on the profile and overall structure of the face. A good cosmetic doctor has a trained eye for this and can thus balance the proportions and contours of the face by using fillers. If you look at before and after photos, you can definitely see that someone looks better, but you might not be able to pinpoint why. For instance, see the photo below, can you point out what has changed?

For example, the chin has a major effect on the proportions of the face. It can be beneficial to apply fillers to the chin if it is too small in relation to, for example, the nose. By using fillers, some volume is applied to the chin, this can give the chin a little more projection or a little length. You don’t have to worry about this at all: the great thing is this balance can make the nose appear smaller. The contours of the jawline are also accentuated, creating even more balance in the face. The same principle goes for the relationship between the lips and the chin, or the lips and the nose. So there are plenty of options to achieve more balance in the face.

To conclude, profile balancing is a treatment based on balancing your specific facial characteristics. In other words, it works with and boosts your natural beauty. In the end, your appearance has improved, often without people being able to detect what exactly has changed.

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