15 december, 2021

My journey of transformation

Author: Hinda Abbazy - Photo: Steven de Cuba

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As a cosmetic doctor, you commit yourself to transformation every day. But what does that mean for Drs. Leanne Wong?

2020 has been an eventful year for everyone.
That is also the year that I took the step to start my own practice. This has been a gigantic transformation to open a new business in this uncertain time.
Giving someone an extra push for better self-confidence. I guide my clients in this.
It is important to me to know the reasons for a cosmetic treatment and what the expectations are so that I can help the client as best as possible.

I stay close to myself and always go for quality. I have to stand behind the treatment and I follow my feeling in this. For me, it is a must that it should remain natural. Sometimes I have had to refuse someone because the result may not quite fit or is not entirely possible. This is a rewarding profession, because of a small intervention someone can feel completely different.

On a personal level, I have gone through several transformations. I was born in Curaçao. I always knew I would work in the medical field.
Once the time had come, I moved to the Netherlands to study Medicine in order to become a surgeon. At the end of my studies, I became interested in plastic surgery. Reconstruction and cosmetic surgery fascinated me enormously. I have two years of experience in general surgery and four years in plastic surgery, spread over several hospitals. My goal was to specialize in plastic surgery. Unfortunately, this did not work, because there was little space. There are only fifteen places per year to participate in this, and there was also a lot of competition. I found this very disappointing.

My last mentor gave me the golden tip to register for the cosmetic medicine course. This was a new specialization. I belonged to the first group in the Netherlands to have completed this training.

Before Cosmopolitan Clinic Amsterdam, my clinic got off the ground, I worked as a freelancer to maintain security. Also to get an idea of ​​whether I could run my own clinic.
In the past five years, I have become more aware of the people around me, I have developed enormously privately and professionally. I became a mother of two children, married, and started my own clinic. My family is very important. A big advantage of running my own clinic is that I no longer have night shifts.
After a year of Cosmopolitan Clinic Amsterdam, I have learned a lot. There is an increasing line of homeworkers who have become very aware of their appearance, this group is now my client. So many possibilities and new ideas, if I have succeeded in this very difficult time, then I can handle anything.


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