25 november, 2021

Video call treatments: self-awareness in the time of Zoom

Author: Yamila Bollen

Video call treatments: self-awareness in the time of Zoom

To be honest, who do you watch when you’re on a video call? Yourself? Then you are not alone, a lot of people look at themselves as well as at their conversation partner(s). In the days of Zoom, Teams, Meet, and Facetime, we see our own faces more and more. Because we are not used to this, it is possible we view our faces in a different manner. Of course, we see ourselves in the mirror and in pictures, but this is not the same as seeing ourselves while having a conversation. We often do not see our own expression when we look in the mirror, while the opposite is the case during a video call.

The zoom effect

Do you recognize yourself in this new insecurity caused by the new video call-driven world? You are not alone, many people feel dissatisfied with their appearance because of it. During this pandemic, a new kind of self-awareness has emerged, as we are constantly confronted with our own appearance. Cosmetic doctors clearly notice a difference: clients visit the clinic because they have noticed certain aspects of their own appearance during video calls. For example, they have noticed their frown, crow’s feet, nose, or lips. You even see the emergence of completely new terms: such as the mock frown, the zoom effect, and the lockdown nose job. The fact that we spend more time at home is also a reason to have cosmetic treatments done because you can recover discreetly at home.

Tips for looking good during a video call

To conclude, some tips for an optimal appearance during video calling. First of all, make sure you have good lighting! Good lighting really is a game changer when it comes to how you look on camera. Natural light is always the best. Make sure you face the light, this way your face will be lighted in the most flattering way. Furthermore, it is also important how you are seated in front of the camera, angles are everything! It is often nicer if the camera is a bit higher than you, so you should avoid putting your laptop on your lap. If you don’t have a laptop stand, you can just use some books (or something else) to achieve this effect. Finally, a bonus tip: Zoom has a beauty filter! Under video settings you can find the option ‘touch up my appearance’, this filter ensures that you look just a bit smoother and better. Obviously very handy for the early morning meetings!

And if you still want a touch up for a fresher appearance you can always make an appointment with one of the doctors at Cosmopolitan Clinic Amsterdam!

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