Drs. Leanne Wong is a Cosmetic Doctor KNMG with a special interest in non-invasive aesthetic treatments of the face.
After her medical studies at the Vumc Amsterdam, Drs. Wong gained two years of experience in the general surgery department and four years of experience in the plastic surgery department at various hospitals. Following her enthusiasm for the medical aesthetic field, Drs. Wong completed a two-year specialization in Cosmetic Medicine. Drs. Wong is part of the first group in the Netherlands to complete this official specialization. Drs. Wong is a certified Cosmetic Doctor (Royal Dutch Medical Association) with the Dutch Society for Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG). During her career, Drs. Wong was also involved in teaching second and third year surgical assistants on plastic surgery. In order to stay up to date with the latest developments in cosmetic medicine, Drs. Wong regularly attends courses and conferences.
Drs. Wong is the founder and owner of Cosmopolitan Clinic Amsterdam.

Edelmar Pieternelle, Skin Therapist

Edelmar Pieternelle studied at the Hogeschool Utrecht and has been a skin therapist since 2010. He has extensive experience in the medical as well as cosmetic aspects of the skin. As a skin therapist, he treats scars, pigment disorders, acne, and irregularities of the skin. Prevention of skin cancer and dark skin is also part of his specializations.

At Cosmopolitan Clinic Amsterdam he focuses on skin improvement through peelings, micro needling, connective tissue massages, and skincare products.

His aim is to make beautiful skin even more beautiful.

Edelmar is also a professional dancer. The combination of these two professions gives him a complete feeling that allows him to carry the positive energy from one profession to another.

Edelmar is a member of the NVH and is KP registered.